Current job openings at launch global

US mobilization coach

Launch Global provides trained and equipped mobilization staff to local churches around the US to increase the staff capacity to send more long-term missionaries. Mobilization coaches will help these churches raise up missionaries by helping people discover God's heart for the nations, train them through participating in a Launch Community, and deploy them to strategic fields among unreached people groups. A mobilization coach will operate within the structures of a church staff and report to the respective pastor over missions at the church. 

To be able to apply, you must have participated in a Launch Community. For more information, email

international mobilization coach

Launch Global desires to provide mobilization staff to local churches in East Asia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The mobilization coach's role involves raising up long-term missionaries from local churches, training them through participating in a Launch Community, and deploying to proximate unreached people groups nearby. These teams will raise up missionaries that already know the language and culture who will be able to reach proximate people groups more effectively than Western missionaries.

To be able to apply, you must have participated in a Launch Community. For more information, email

communication director

The Communications Director role is to fuel mobilization and evangelism through behind-the-scenes work that is essential for fruitful ministry among and through Launch Communities. The Communications Director will create, organize, plan and implement effective messages and strategies for both organization and donor audiences, as well as support our ministry leaders in conveying their vision and communication priorities to appropriate audiences.

event planner

The Event Planner oversees the planning and execution of Launch Global occasions, such as the National Goer Gathering, summer projects, and retreats. The Event Planner is in charge of communicating with Executive Director and leadership to understand theme and goals, working with national and international partners to plan logistics, generating ideas to make events more successful and memorable, developing and maintaining budgets with approval of Operations Director, negotiating prices with vendors/facilities, and managing all other event-related tasks.

technology specialist

The Technology Specialist equips Launch Global to maintain professional systems and websites. Job details include managing software and systems, testing and evaluating potential new tools, directing technology at events, and collaborating with the Media Team. Skill and experience in programming are preferred.

hr specialist

The Human Resources Specialist oversees important details of staff care. Responsibilities include updating and maintaining personnel files and information, onboarding new staff alongside the Member Care Team, coordinating employee benefits, offboarding exiting staff, and more. Experience in HR, good people skills, and administrative talents are ideal traits for occupation of this role.

research specialist

The Research Specialist coordinates projects that investigate best practices and cross-cultural ministry trends. The Research Specialist will interview field veterans, Launch Community alumni, and liaise with other ministries to discover the most accurate information. He or she will work closely with staff writers and the Media Team to tell the story of Launch Global and produce informative, inspiring content. This position requires someone who enjoys looking for answers, compiling data, and analyzing.

administrative assistant / Office manager

Launch Global is seeking a responsible Administrative Assistant to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. Duties of the Administrative Assistant include providing support to our managers and employees, assisting in daily office needs, and managing Launch Global’s general administrative activities. The ideal candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to organize his or her work using Microsoft Office Suite and other office tools. The Office Manager’s responsibilities include maintaining the office space, stocking office supplies, greeting visitors, answering the office phone, and providing general administrative support to our staff. This role is to create and maintain a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety.


Launch Global needs writers who can work on various projects, including internal/external communication, creating impactful presentations, technical writing, relaying Launch Global stories and testimonies, grant proposals, and ensuring memorable creativity in each communication project. Writers will work closely with the Media Team and the Research Team. This role is ideal for someone with excellent written communication skills who enjoys telling stories and working with a team.

video editor / videographer

Launch Global needs a Video Editor / Videographer with strong creative and technical skills in cinematography, creative editing, passionate storytelling, and expertise with professional editing software. This is a full-time position working on a variety of different styles of video. This person should have some expertise behind the camera with an understanding of lighting and audio production. Strong attention to detail and the ability to change directions quickly while maintaining a positive attitude and delivering the highest caliber of work are extremely helpful traits. Potential projects could include but are not limited to: training videos, promotional style videos, documentary/storytelling videos, and animation.