More than expected


Dear Friend,

Have you ever gone on a hike, come to a vista and thought, “This must be the most beautiful place on earth,” only to go a little farther down the trail and see an even more stunning view? That’s what this most recent season of ministry has felt like for me. Having been in full-time ministry for the past thirty-four years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing God do some amazing things. But this feels different. God is doing something special, and I can’t believe He is letting me be a part of it! 

We want to share a little of what we have seen God do because we realize that without your prayers and support, none of this would have happened. 

In 2015, we set a goal of launching 1,000 long-term laborers into the harvest of unreached peoples. In 2018, we reached the milestone of sending 500 church planters from the U.S. and saw another 275 near-culture workers raised up as discipler-makers. 

The most exciting part of all of this is that it is happening under the leadership of our twenty-five local church partners as we serve and equip them to be sending congregations.  Through these partnerships, we have seen well prepared “Goers” sent into more than sixty of the neediest countries in the world. 

It is our prayer that as you read this brief report you will see that when you support a Launch Global staff person, your impact goes far beyond the ministry of that one team member. You empower a global movement to awaken young adults to discover God’s will, develop as multiplying disciples, and deploy to strategic opportunities to impact unreached peoples! 

Thank you so much for walking down this trail with us. We pray that you too will catch a glimpse of the beautiful things God is doing. Together, let us set our eyes on this hope: one day we will stand with those from every tribe, tongue, and nation in utter awe and amazement at the glory of our God and King!

That all may hear,