Each participant commits to a weekly 3-2-1: Three hours of time with Jesus, two hours of intentional relationship building and evangelism with internationals, and one hour of corporate prayer with other Launch Community members. All of this happens in the context of community, and our community is deepened by having an outward goal. By focusing on cross-cultural disciple-making, we grow closer to each other. Additionally, going out to share Jesus in pairs or groups makes us more effective.


Each Launch Community has up to 20 participants who are committed to seeing the Great Commission completed. This focus drives the participants into deep times of fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and accountability as the team lives and ministers together as a missional community.

  • 4 hours weekly large group meeting called "Half-Time"

  • 3+ hours weekly with Jesus

  • 2+ hours weekly with lost people with other Launchers

  • 1+ hour weekly praying with other Launchers

  • 2 hours weekly book reading

  • Monthly update 10 prayer partners

  • Live close to the community


Our weekly meeting is called "Half-Time" because part of what makes Launch Communities so unique is that the bulk of the experience and training happens outside of the actual meeting times. The Half-Time meeting is an opportunity to pause once a week, come together with the large group, and participate in the following:

  • Sharing a meal

  • Worshiping and praying

  • Debriefing and sharing testimonies about the week

  • Discussing the daily Scripture readings and learning assignments

  • Making plans related to ministry for the upcoming week