Who should join a Launch Community?

Launch Communities are for people who already have a heart for going/mobilizing others to the unreached but need more training.  We're looking for people who are planning to go overseas within the next one to three years and are willing to make this one of their highest priorities for the nine months. You will probably have to cut some good things out of your life to get the most out of a Launch Community.

Why should someone go through a Launch Community?

To learn how to live a missional lifestyle in community here that we want to reproduce in the unreached peoples there. We also spend time deconstructing what we already know to make the Bible, not our culture, our authority for all that we will do when we go.

I am interested in going overseas, but not sure if I will be going in the next three years. Is a Launch Community for me?

Talk with the Launch Community leader in your city. They will be able to discern if it’s a good fit for you.

Should I be in a Launch Community if I'm not sure where I'm going?

Many people that begin in a Launch Community aren’t exactly sure where they will go, but they have committed to go anywhere and do anything that God leads them to.  They have put their "yes" on the table and are willing to let God put it on the map.  

How much do Launch Communities cost?

Launch Communities cost $650 for the year. The Launch Community fee includes books read by the group, food and supplies for four retreats, registration to the Launch National Conference, and an administrative fee. This price does not include the overseas practicum, and is subject to change.

How many people are in Launch Communities?

Each Launch Community is limited to 20 Launchers. In 2018-2019, there were 234 participants around the country. 

Where are current Launch Communities?

Launch Communities currently exist in twelve locations.

Do I have to move?

Biblical Community takes sacrifice. We firmly encourage others to live within a close proximity to the rest of the group. We want everyone who is involved in a Launch Community to be committed.

I am not able to move to a location where a Launch Community is currently, but can I start my own Launch Community?

Currently, a Launch Global staff person must be involved with each Launch Community. But feel free to contact us and suggest a new location!  Also, we would recommend checking out our partner organization, TOAG, to see if they have any locations near you.

How can I sign up for a Launch Community?

If you’re a member of one of our partner churches, please reach out to a mobilizer at your local church. If you are interested in moving to join one of our communities, please email info@launchglobal.org.

What is your Statement of Faith?

Our Statement of Faith can be found here.


What are my Launch Community commitments?

  • 4 Hours weekly large group meeting called “Half-Time”

  • 3+ Hours weekly with Jesus

  • 2+ hours weekly with lost people with other Launchers

  • 1+ hour weekly praying with other Launchers

  • 2 hours weekly book reading

  • Monthly update 10 prayer partners

  • Live close to the community

How long is it?

Launch Communities run on a school calendar, beginning in late August/early September and ending in early May.

Can I be in a Launch Community if am I already plugged into a campus ministry?

Only with the full blessing of your campus minister.

Can I be in a Launch Community if I work a full-time job? Or if I am a full-time student?

Yes! Launch Communities were designed to work for full-time workers or students.

Can I start in the middle of the year or do I have to wait until next Fall?

Because the things you learn in a Launch Community build on each other and the community aspect is so important, we require that you start at the same time as the other participants in your group. The next Launch Communities will be starting in August 2019.

What does the average week look like?

You will have a four hour meeting once a week called Half-time.  The rest of the week you will be sharing with lost people, completing the assigned daily Bible readings and book readings, and doing life with other Launchers.


What books do you read?

  • Miraculous Movements (Jerry Trousdale)

  • Winning the Battle Within (Neil Anderson)

  • Victory Over the Darkness (Neil Anderson)

  • Miraculous Movements (Jerry Trousdale)

  • Church Planting Movements (David Garrison)

  • Christ of the Indian Road (E Stanley Jones)

  • Crucial Conversations (Patterson)

  • Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World (Bob McNabb)