Want to give stock or mutual funds to Launch Global?

By donating assets such as stocks and mutual funds before the sale, you can potentially reduce or eliminate capital gain taxes and invest even more. For stock and mutual fund gifts, shares are transferred into an account owned by Launch Global.  Launch Global then sells the shares and the proceeds are directed according to your intentions.


option 1: Contact Us

It would be our joy to personally walk you through this process. Please email us at stock@launchglobal.org, or call at 1-205-820-9969.


option 2: Do it yourself

Please use one of the forms below to instruct your broker to transfer your shares from your account to Launch Global.  

If your brokerage firm is TD Ameritrade, please use this form to initiate the internal transfer.

If your brokerage firm is not TD Ameritrade, please use this form.

Once a transfer has been made, please call us at 1-205-820-9969 or email us at stock@launchglobal.org with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your address

  • Name of shares transferred

  • Number of shares transferred

  • Purpose of the gift


In most cases, we are not notified of the transfer by your broker. Therefore, this information is required so that we can properly acknowledge your gift and designate the funds to the staff or ministry of your preference. It can be sent by mailing a completed copy of the Stock Transfer Form or by emailing us at stock@launchglobal.org. You can also give us a call at 1-205-820-9969.