Launch Communities provide a next step for people who want to learn how to engage in cross-cultural ministry and prepare for deployment. For nine months, these teams live in community and reach out to internationals in their cities. They are mentored through close relationships with our staff.

Launch Communities are for people that have, above all, a passion for Jesus. That passion spills over into a passion for His Kingdom and for being biblically strategic in our efforts to complete the Great Commission. These communities exist to equip disciple-makers intending to go to unreached people groups within the next one to three years, and for those who will stay and mobilize others to engage the unreached.

In a Launch Community, you will increase your knowledge of Scripture and your understanding of missions. You will fellowship and pray with other Launch participants in a unique missional community and be held accountable to spiritual disciplines and ministry activities. But these things are not the ultimate goal of a Launch Community. Our desire is to grow in our passion for Jesus, staying focused on fulfilling the Great Commission, and because of that focus, to be driven into deeper times of fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and accountability. Mission is not just one element of the community, it is the reason the community exists.

The core of Launch Communities are these three passions:

  • A passion for Jesus,

  • A passion for His Kingdom and

  • A passion for Biblical strategies to launch disciple-making movements among the most unreached.


At the end of a Launch Community, you will have:

  • Increased passion for Jesus

  • Experience in cross-cultural disciple-making

  • Learned how to experience freedom from bondages

  • Knowledge of many "best ministry practices"

  • Solidified your understanding of your calling

  • Participated in deep gospel community

  • Identified potential long-term teammates

  • Been discipled and coached by a caring mentor

  • Met the training requirements of many sending agencies