[This curriculum gives] disciples of Jesus a clear, practical guide toward being faithful to the Great Commission and making more disciples of Jesus. Full of insightful research, clear thinking, and years of experience, pastors looking to establish a discipleship culture in their churches would especially benefit from McNabb’s work.
— Matt Carter, Pastor of Preaching and Vision, The Austin Stone Community Church

What is a “missional community”?

Missional Communities come together for ten weeks to pray, study disciple-making, and plan how they will put into action what they are learning. These meetings bristle with excitement as team members report what they saw God do through them that week. Together, they make disciples who will make disciples.

Who should be in a Missional Community?

Groups of six to twelve believers who are established in their walks with the Lord.

What will I do in a Missional Community?

Over the course of ten weeks, you will read through the book Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World by Dr. Bob McNabb and go through an accompanying study guide. Each week, your group will meet to report on what God has been doing in answer to your prayers, through new relationships, and in your personal growth. 

What will I learn from being in a Missional Community?

You will develop habits in the following areas:

  • Daily time with God

  • Evangelism

  • Prayer for the lost

  • Scripture memory

  • Obedience

  • Team Work