About four years ago, when I was fresh out of college, I met a guy named Saeed who was originally from the Middle East. He was living in my city in the southern United States and we became friends. I had lost touch with him until recently. A friend and I were talking with him one day, and I told him about a dream I’d had in which God had spoken clearly to me. I asked Saeed if he’d ever had a dream from God. Turns out he had. 

Saeed said that in this dream it was Judgment Day, and there were angels coming down from the heavens to take souls home. Two angels approached him, and one of them said, “God is not satisfied with you.” As these words were being spoken to him, he said he felt chains on his feet that were holding him. He wanted desperately to go with the angels, and he began to weep and ask for forgiveness. As he looked up, a light appeared. He was drawn up towards the light, and as he looked around he saw other, smaller lights being drawn up as well.

I was amazed and told him that God was trying to tell him about the light of the world, the only truth and the life. I continued to share the gospel and several passages in the Gospel of John that refer to Jesus as the light. Not long after, Saeed agreed to read the Bible with me. We’ve been reading for about four months now, and his heart is being changed. 

Saeed recently invited a Middle Eastern friend to read with us. This friend wanted to know why Jesus had to die on the cross. Saeed answered him, “My sin killed Jesus.” We looked around amazed because we hadn’t gotten to that part of the story of John yet. 

God has worked miraculously and powerfully through Saeed. He is now attending our morning prayers, and has shared that when he returns to the Middle East this summer, he plans to share the gospel with his family. 

As a mobilizer, I get to participate in the ways that God is moving powerfully through His people to reach the unreached with the gospel of Christ, and I’m so grateful for stories like these that spur me on in this work.