Since joining a Launch Community, I have learned invaluable things. Not only do I know Jesus Christ more fully and deeply than before, I also know more clearly what He has called me to do with my life. 

I have a richer prayer life and more confidence before the throne. I also now have a community that is rooted in biblical truth and a determination to see the nations reached with the gospel. Together we have shouldered the burdens of our fellow believers, been drawn into repentance and freedom in Christ, and ultimately given and received more grace than we had imagined possible. 

Over the last nine months, we had the chance to practice what we saw people do in the Bible, what we saw Jesus Himself do: proclaim the gospel to those that do not know. We have also witnessed the Lord miraculously answer prayers. 

A few months ago, while my roommate (and a fellow Launch Community participant) and I were shopping in a local ethnic grocery store, we became a bit discouraged because we hadn’t found anyone to talk with and decided to leave. 

Before we departed, we stopped to pray that the Lord would either send someone for us to talk to or make it clear that we should leave. Almost immediately, a friend that we made almost a year ago walked over to us. This friend is an international student that comes from a closed, unreached people group. We began to talk and ultimately got to share the gospel with her and a friend that was with her. 

What a privilege to hear the Lord speak in that way and what a blessing this team has been not only to me, but to those who have not yet heard.