When our partnership with Launch Global began, our church was 50 years old. While we have always been a sending church with a deep desire to see the nations reached with the gospel, our congregation is made up of around 70% college students, so we have traditionally had limited finances and staffing to put towards that end. 

We were hopeful that this partnership would multiply our capacity to identify, train, and send more effective teams and workers into the harvest.  And it has, producing a great fit for our church! 

During the time that we have been in partnership with Launch Global, we have seen a great increase not only in deployment to the nations but also in the ministry habits and abiding character one needs before they go. 

What stands out to us is the way the Launch Global staff live out their training in their daily ministry. They are not just concerned about knowledge and curriculum; they are practitioners of their training. 

From our student ministries, to our Bible studies, to our Sunday morning gatherings, we are using similar avenues to connect and engage with the lost where they live, work, and play. Our mantra is now, “We help people find and follow Jesus.” 

Our people of all ages are increasingly understanding that evangelism and disciple-making are a part of what it means to follow Jesus. Ultimately, Launch Global has positively and deeply influenced our church culture. 

The Lord is stirring the hearts of our church: from college students to empty-nesters, He is calling our members out into the harvest for the long haul. We have had the privilege to train over 400 people through Missional Communities (ten-week training groups). We have commissioned out believers to some of the darkest, hardest-to-reach places on earth, knowing that they have been well-prepared and equipped for what the Lord has invited them to do.

Grace Bible Church - College Station, TX