A few months ago, I held back tears as I listened to a local sister share about her experience serving in this remote area of East Asia and the challenges of working in this particular people group. She and her team asked us to intercede with them for this people whom Father loves dearly - and hardly any of them know it.

Four years ago, we headed back to America for our winter break from teaching in a similar remote area. We had been serving among a people group that Father had burdened us for, and at the time we didn’t know that our work there would be so short. I remember asking Him, “Why? Why would you give us that burden and send us there for such a short time? Why would you ask us to leave?” 

We hoped for the day when we could be a part of sending East Asian brothers and sisters back to places like that, instead of going ourselves, but it seemed so far in the distance 

I was moved to tears when this local sister shared a few months ago, because she and her team have been serving among this same people group whom I had asked Father “why so soon?” when we left.  

The same people group that Father burdened my heart for 10 years ago while I was in this country fresh out of college and knew close to nothing about the needs of the unreached.How good is our God. How kind of Him to let our first friendships with local goers be with these who are serving among the group that we dreamed of sending to one day.  

I admire their courage, their boldness, their deep faith and love for Father. My heart has been stirred even more for God Himself and remembering His faithfulness to us. That He is One who never does anything flippantly. He is One who acts with purpose. He is one who ties up all the loose ends of our lives and brings them back together into His good story. 

I’m grateful that the Father brought this group of local goers into our community for part of this year. I still hope to see Father impact this particular people group, to see them lift up their heads from bowing down to idols and instead to see their faces shining with the light of J, to see them put down their prayer beads and for their hands to be instead raised in joy and celebration of a good King. 

And we celebrate now that He is in fact raising up laborers to go to this people group, and to so many others, and to give their lives there to see many hear about His goodness.