If you were planning to bring the good news of Jesus to a new neighborhood of 1000 people and you learned that there was a small church of five people meeting together in that neighborhood, the best thing you could do is go to that small church and mobilize them. 

You could pray with those five people, practice sharing your testimonies, share tools with each other for sharing the good news, and then go out together to meet your neighbors and begin to share with them in hopes of seeing many new churches formed in that neighborhood of 1000. Five locals are so much better than one outsider! That is what we are doing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

There are approximately 380,000,000 people living in the MENA region of the world. Most of those have little or no access to the gospel. 

At the same time there are 1,750,000 middle eastern Christians, mostly in Lebanon and Egypt. The actual ratio is 5 for every 1000. So, we are joining with that small church here to do the things listed above in hopes of seeing many new and healthy churches planted. 

Since beginning this work, one of our teammates, Nathan, met a believer here who was excited to do kingdom work, Farris, but didn’t know where to start. In the last few weeks, Nathan and Farris got to go together to share with a friend and that friend put his faith in Jesus. 

Then, he took Nathan and Farris with him to share with another friend. Now, Nathan is coaching Farris in how to disciple them and how to share with their other friend. Farris said in all his time volunteering with ministries here, this is the first time in his life he has seen people say yes to Jesus! 

He is so excited and wants to help his other friends experience the same joy! Hopefully, soon we will see hundreds of Farris’s raised up all over the MENA region to go and share and make disciples with joy.