Thailand is a nation of 70 million people that remains 99% unreached. Our team’s vision is to partner with Thai churches to mobilize and form teams of Thai disciple-makers and church planters to impact the unreached through multiplying movements.

2018 marked the beginning of year 4 for our team, and God began to abundantly open doors for mobilizing the Thai Church! Our team shifted our focus from training primarily in the capital, Bangkok, to empowering church planters throughout all of Thailand.

In 2018, the LG Thailand Team trained over 200 people across 13 provinces and 5 church networks.  From those trainings, 10 disciple-making or church-planting teams were formed. These teams had over 1000 spiritual conversations, with 60+ new believers and 40+ baptisms. In early 2019, 7 house churches were planted as a result and are continuing to multiply. God is giving some of the first fruits of multiplication in Thailand! 

Many of our Thai partners are reporting signs, wonders, and healings as a key aspect of seeing families come to know Jesus.

In northern Thailand, a Thai partner shared her testimony with a masseuse named Kim and led Kim and her whole family to faith. Two months later, Kim’s mother-in-law, Tam, was beaten by her husband, and she was blinded in one eye. Tam fled to Kim’s house, where Kim prayed for her in Jesus’ name, and Tam was healed that night! Tam and her daughter immediately responded by putting their faith in Christ! Tam shared her testimony at the house church just 3 days later: “The doctor said I wouldn’t see for at least 3 months. But after Kim prayed for me, I was able to see perfectly that night! Praise God!”

After our team trained a Muslim-background believer in southern Thailand named Shelley in how to make disciples, Shelley shared a vision that God had given her. “I was standing in the ocean, and I saw hundreds of Muslims around me that were waiting to be baptized. On the beach, I saw all the sick and paralyzed people from my village being healed! I know that God is calling me toward this vision, and now I have the tools to pursue it. Your team coming is God’s way of helping me to achieve this vision!”

The following week, Shelley’s brother who was paralyzed, put his faith in Jesus. The next day, he began to show signs of improvement in his limbs! Pray for God’s Kingdom to expand in Thailand!