Mission Leaders

The leaders of Launch Global provide the best training in the world for Christians who want to make disciples among peoples of other cultures. If you want to move from good to great, get started with Launch Global.
—Bob Blincoe, President of Frontiers

Many people who have a heart for the unreached feel at a loss in terms of how to get there. They know they want to be overseas, but don’t have a clear pathway to the nations. We believe that Launch Global plays a strategic role in giving momentum and clarity to many on the path.
— Joe G., Vice President of Mobilization for Pioneers

I am excited to see how God uses Launch Communities to prepare people for a life of intentional living to see the gospel advanced to the nations. This program has all the right tools for helping people take a purposeful step forward in their missional journey.
— Billy Dempsey, Mission Mobilizer for United World Mission


Church leaders

The Austin Stone Community Church and Launch Global partnership has flourished these first two years. From the beginning, our joint team has been characterized not only by a shared vision, but also by a shared experience of the sovereign grace and power of our Lord Jesus! Through our teamwork Christ is mobilizing an unprecedented number of His own to the unreached, having sent 31 just in this past year alone. It is no stretch to say that our joining forces is a powerful work of Christ.
— Kevin Peck, Lead Pastor, The Austin Stone Community Church, Austin, TX 

Our partnership with Launch Global has reignited a passion in our hearts to take the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world. Their encouragement to live among internationals in our own community, as a step toward going to the nations, has challenged us deeply. Our church is better at mobilizing & sending people to the nations because we've partnered with them.
— Chris Galanos, Lead Pastor, Experience Life, Lubbock, TX


Campus Ministers

Launch has powerfully impacted our entire ministry. We have seen people come to Christ, and we have seen our students in Launch challenge and shape other students to effectively reach others, both here and beyond. Launch has been instrumental in our ministry by helping us become more missional in a variety of ways, and by simply becoming more effective in mobilizing our students and reaching others for Christ.
 – Trace Hamiter, Minister to College Students, First Baptist Church, Opelika, AL


Launch Community Graduates

Launch Global has helped awaken in me a biblical perspective on missions. I used to be intimidated about sharing my faith, but the practical methods that I’ve learned through Launch actually make me excited to proclaim Jesus!
— Chris, Launch Participant

Launch is helping me discover how to dream big visions and then implement specific strategies every week to preach the gospel. I am learning the importance of obedience and how to make disciples who multiply.
— Andrew, Launch Participant

 My favorite aspect of Launch is the community. Immediately our members became like a family. We’re constantly texting each other asking for prayer, helping each other out and hanging out. I’m not doing ministry alone. I feel supported, known, and challenged.
— Launch Participant in Auburn, AL

I wanted to be a part of Launch Communities because I knew that God was calling me to go to the nations, but I did not feel equipped, and I didn't know what the next steps were.
— Launch Participant in Austin, TX


International Students Impacted by Launch Participants

I did not know who God is for 18 years before I came to America.  I believe it is fate; it is God’s arrangement that I had the chance to study at Samford University.  I met a lot of good friends at Samford, and they all are Christ believers.

Two years ago, I put my faith in God because he truly touched my heart by using my friends to teach and guide me. The more I trust in him, the more I can feel the existence of him. He taught me so much during these past two years: forgiveness, kindness, humility, and always love for the people around you.  Nothing in my life is coincidence; it is God’s arrangement, and my wonderful fate.  I trust in Christ without a doubt. 
Ken-zhi, International Student

Meeting God was the most wonderful thing after I came to America. I was curious about him and desired to know him because of my Christian friends. Their generosity, peace, helpfulness, joy, and kind-heartedness impressed me. They are different from people I usually meet, so I wanted to know why they are distinctive, what has changed them, and why they strongly stick to their beliefs. I believe God brought me here for a reason and appreciate that he shows me the truth through them.
— Dong-Mei, International Student
August 2012 was the first time I had ever left my motherland. I had a lot of uncertainties about the future. When I was at odds with life in the US, Jesus came to me and gave me a big hug. He sent me a group of friends who were Christians. Their sweet love from Jesus dispelled my loneliness and homesickness. I asked them why they believed that God existed. They were very, very confident in what they believed and were always patient to tell me how great the Creator of everything was.

One day, one of my Christian friends gave me a great Bible. It was a Chinese and English version, which was easy for me to read. Through reading and studying God's word with them, I felt more deeply that I was fully loved by my heavenly Father. I was feeling that every day of my life was filled with hope and joy. Now it is my favorite thing to have Bible studies and to pray with my awesome brothers and sisters. I know that God is always with us, and He is the greatest honor of our life.

I am so blessed that I can know Jesus. Our great God has been so wonderful to me. Praise the Lord!
—Kai-Ying, International Student